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What time is it anyway? March 26, 2008

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I tell you between the spring forward and fall back I never know how to set the GMT. Are we here in Oregon at -8 hours, or have we sprung and are now at -7? Just to get on the same page with everyone else you know 😉

Does it really matter?

Do you care?

If you care, do you care enough to change the settings?


I Found Jesus March 24, 2008

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There was a time in my life I was so weary
I didn’t think I could carry on
This load that I was bearing
Had pushed me down so very far.
I asked for help from no one
I could make it on my own
I didn’t see how far I’d fallen
Or that I was so alone.

And I found Jesus waiting for me there
I cried Lord please help me,I can’t do it on my own
I’m weak and tired of fighting,I don’t want to be alone.
I heard that still small voice of Jesus
Down deep in my soul
He would not force me to surrender
He gave me complete control.

A love I cannot understand
Letting me make the choice
To keep these heavy chains
Or give them up for Him.

And I found Jesus and the love He has for me
He saved and freed me He is a part of me
My hope is Jesus and I know I’m heaven bound
I closed my eyes and waited
Quiet filled my mind
The noise of earth replaced
By the peace of Jesus Christ.

I started this as a song in 2004, and could never quite get it to come together at the end. By June 2005 I had picked it up again and finished it off as a poem. Although every time I read it, it sings in my head. It seemed at first that it was wrenched from my very soul, and it was my story. And well it could be. When I finished the poem I put it in one of my study bibles. And didn’t look at it again for 2 years. In June of 2006 my cousin Wanda came to live her last days at my sisters home. She was dying from ovarian cancer. Wanda had run from the Lord all her life and from the family as well, living across the country in Florida for 30 years. My sister was a wonderful caregiver, and when I could I helped and spent time with her. Many times I spent the weekends with Wanda in the hospital in Eugene. Always I would be praying what do You want me to say, help me to be You Lord to her. He was so faithful. Sometimes we would visit, watch old movies, do crossword puzzles. Sometimes she would feel so bad all she wanted was to hold my hand, to be near to her. Sometimes we would talk about the Lord and I would pray. Always I would have my bible and spend time with the Lord, there in my roll away bed. Some days she was very “childlike” and just needed comfort, on those days I would crawl into bed with her and cradle her in my arms, I would take the place of her mother. Her parents had both already passed away. In early June 07 I felt prompted to go see Wanda again, the Lord led me to that bible where this poem was. As I read it I realized it was her story. I packed my bags and went up for the weekend and read this poem to her. She kept that copy of the poem in a bible that was our grandmothers. The next week she accepted Christ into her heart. In Sept 07 Wanda went to be with the Lord, and they asked me to read this poem at her funeral. I was very honored.

It is never too late, only the Lord knows what our answer will be. Only He knows if we will open the door of our hearts and let Him in. Do not lose hope, listen to the still small voice of the Lord and follow His lead. When and if the Lord chooses to let us see their salvation, praise Him for it. Celebrate! Many times the road was long and seemingly impassable. But NOTHING is impossible with God!!

Another story of redemption is at Heidi’s.

Attack of the chest freezer March 24, 2008

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Okay….you might as well start laughing now….

I jumped out of bed this morning, got dressed and zipped out to the garage to toss something from my chest freezer into the garbage can before it was emptied.
I lifted (sort of flung) the freezer door up, heard the garbage truck close by…turned my head and looked/listened to see if it was indeed the garbage or lawn pickup…which direction it was going…did I still have time? All this took just a moment you see. I determined I had time, turned my head back to the freezer and……
The freezer door slammed down onto the frame of my glasses (which were resting above my nose)…my glasses in turn slammed down onto the bridge of my nose…which in turned slammed my mouth closed…which in turn slammed my teeth together.
My glasses gashed the bridge of my nose, and rubbed a spot on the side of my nose where the pad zoomed down to rest near the corner of my eye. I have a steri-strip running up the bridge of my nose…quite attractive…because I don’t want to go have a stitch or 2.
The front of my face has been hurting all morning. To help it along, I went into Amanda’s room and got the laptop off her bed. It is one of those futon/bunk beds…opens into a double on the bottom. So…she’s on the bottom, the laptop is up against the wall…I lean in – reach out and pick up the laptop…stand up and knock the back of my head against the railing of her upper bunk.
So now my whole head has shooting pains…
Amanda refused to laugh…or tell me how funny it looked…such a sweet child…and now Pat is walking in the door so I get to show him…
And I’m going to go see Bethany at RVMC…to see if she has had her baby yet…

*Update. The valet parking guys at RVMC looked at me funny. Wha?!?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I was a really good writer, and made this story up? Ha! Nope, it truly happened to me, mere days before Thanksgiving. I healed up nicely though, have new glasses and a real “whopper” to tell. LOL

Gifts March 23, 2008

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Every task that the Lord gives us to do is really a gift. He does not need us to complete the task, He honors us by allowing us to have a part in what He wants to do. He gives us these gifts when we walk in obedience to Him.

Thank you Lord for the precious gifts you gave me to serve you, to serve your people these last two weeks. Forgive me Lord for not recognizing them as Your gift to me at the time. Help me Lord now to always see them as such. And not to treasure the gift, but rather treasure the giver.

Choose Life today… March 23, 2008

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On this glorious Easter, what better day to turn your life around. To get a fresh, new start. Choose Christ, choose the free gift of salvation. Choose to accept His grace, His mercy, His salvation. He loves YOU so very, very much!

All you need to do is believe, ask, and accept. Pray this prayer now;

Lord Jesus, I believe You are who You say You are. The Son of God, the Son of Man. You died on the cross for my sins, to set me free. You were buried and rose on the 3rd day, so that I may live. You alone can forgive me, You alone can help me. Forgive my sins Lord and come into my heart today. Thank you Jesus for your gift of salvation, for now living in my heart. Help me to walk in Your ways now. In Jesus name, Amen.

Welcome to the Family!!! Celebrate your salvation with someone. Find a church family, so that you can have support and fellowship in your journey. Get a bible, so that you can read God’s word and have guidance on your journey. Remember, rejoicing is going on in the heavenlies right now…angels are rejoicing with you, for you, for your new life in Christ. Your future is now secured, you have eternal hope…the hope is Jesus Christ living in you.

Slay me Part 2 March 22, 2008

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I prayed that prayer sincerely with all my heart, confident that should He ask it of me, He will give me the strength to lay down my life for Him. See how one dimensional my thinking was? I thought of being slain in only one way, laying down my life for Him. The Lord sees it many ways as I soon found out.

Just before we arrived at Lake Bradley, our retreat location I was asked to run the sound. I said sure I would. A bit of background here; the Lord had asked me to lay down all the co-ordinating and speaking roles for this retreat just a couple months ago. I had been in the midst with the rest of the team and had started researching and writing my session notes. The Lord gave me a peace about this, that is until I went to the meetings and didn’t have any “physical, tangible” things to lay on the table. It became hard to be in the meetings. I persevered, with much much prayer. My role He said for this retreat was to be in the Word and prayer daily for all the women who would attend. I faithfully did as He asked.

Okay, back to the retreat. I was a bit confused as it is hard to be in the middle of something sometimes and see what God is doing. I was prepared to hang out with my sister and not have a visible presence. I started the sound, and had a bunch of fun playing with eq, adjusting between songs if needed, and for the various speakers. All went well until I gave a machine more credit for being smart than it should have. I switched out tapes to record one of the sessions, the prior tape had run both sides. Well, I thought that thing is so smart of course it will know when I put the new tape in, push the button to start at the beginning. I was so wrong. In this session Nancy J spoke of God’s extravagant grace and we have to reach out and accept it. In my perfectionist ways…I looked at it as “they had given me something to do and I managed to mess it up”. I had to apologize to Nancy, she was quite okay with it not being recorded and told me so, I on the other hand was crying my eyes out.

What was the big deal? My friend still loves me. She will not kick me to the curb and leave me there alone, she loves me. I am learning to accept that she does, that my friends really do love me for me, not what I do or how well I do it. And in learning to believe that I reflect deeper and see that also my pride was wounded. I looked at being slain in the ultimate sense of the word. The easiest really. God is looking at my being slain, as a daily laying down of my self. Did I not pray for that very thing? Yes, I did. And God answered my prayer in the way He knew was best for me. No, I did not get the easy way out, but do I really want it? I want to be closer to God, smack dab tight against His side, and the only way to do that is to be slain a little more each day. So I thank you Lord for loving me yet again more than I can know.