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Attack of the chest freezer March 24, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in Fits & Giggles, Random.

Okay….you might as well start laughing now….

I jumped out of bed this morning, got dressed and zipped out to the garage to toss something from my chest freezer into the garbage can before it was emptied.
I lifted (sort of flung) the freezer door up, heard the garbage truck close by…turned my head and looked/listened to see if it was indeed the garbage or lawn pickup…which direction it was going…did I still have time? All this took just a moment you see. I determined I had time, turned my head back to the freezer and……
The freezer door slammed down onto the frame of my glasses (which were resting above my nose)…my glasses in turn slammed down onto the bridge of my nose…which in turned slammed my mouth closed…which in turn slammed my teeth together.
My glasses gashed the bridge of my nose, and rubbed a spot on the side of my nose where the pad zoomed down to rest near the corner of my eye. I have a steri-strip running up the bridge of my nose…quite attractive…because I don’t want to go have a stitch or 2.
The front of my face has been hurting all morning. To help it along, I went into Amanda’s room and got the laptop off her bed. It is one of those futon/bunk beds…opens into a double on the bottom. So…she’s on the bottom, the laptop is up against the wall…I lean in – reach out and pick up the laptop…stand up and knock the back of my head against the railing of her upper bunk.
So now my whole head has shooting pains…
Amanda refused to laugh…or tell me how funny it looked…such a sweet child…and now Pat is walking in the door so I get to show him…
And I’m going to go see Bethany at RVMC…to see if she has had her baby yet…

*Update. The valet parking guys at RVMC looked at me funny. Wha?!?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I was a really good writer, and made this story up? Ha! Nope, it truly happened to me, mere days before Thanksgiving. I healed up nicely though, have new glasses and a real “whopper” to tell. LOL



1. tam - March 24, 2008

I’m glad you gave us permission to laugh…cause I’d be feeling really bad about right now!!! 😀

Things like that i wish were caught on tape!

2. hislifeformine - March 24, 2008

It’s just too comical not to laugh, glad I’m helping you to feel better. 😀 Can you imagine if all those things were on tape that we have done? We’d be all feelin’ so good…well, except for the “tapee”.

3. Leah - March 24, 2008

Hi dear one,

Thanks for visiting The Point. Absolutely, once you recover from your traumatic day and wipe the tears away from reading “Don’t Leave it on the Desk” you may post that on your blog.

I look forward to visiting a bit on your blog. Hope your evening is better than your morning!!

In His Hand,


4. Darla - March 24, 2008

O MGosh!!!! I have done things like that …they are soooo embarrassing and worse when you have to explain it to someone else! You are a good writer, and you are not alone with embarrassing moments!

Have a good day!

5. hislifeformine - March 24, 2008

Leah – Thank you so much! (I did all this damage in Nov. and wrote about it to a friend – and thought I should share will all my blogging buddies too). So I am well recuperated.

Darla – Can you believe it? That freezer door hurt so bad I couldn’t even speak for a few moments…at least if we write it comically it’s not so bad. Thank you. :blush:

6. justlovehim - March 26, 2008

Thank goodness you didn’t break any teeth! That’s not fun!

7. hislifeformine - March 26, 2008

Justlove – Oh yeah, so glad I didn’t. You picked out the bright spot!! So glad you came by. 🙂

8. Natalie @ I AM (not) - September 22, 2008

um, yes, that beats my toe boo boo. I’m so sorry you hurt your face.

9. HisLifeformine - September 25, 2008

Natalie, it’s all better now. And a little comic relief seemed in order. How is the toe?

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