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What time is it anyway? March 26, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in Fits & Giggles, Random, Thoughts.
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I tell you between the spring forward and fall back I never know how to set the GMT. Are we here in Oregon at -8 hours, or have we sprung and are now at -7? Just to get on the same page with everyone else you know 😉

Does it really matter?

Do you care?

If you care, do you care enough to change the settings?



1. inWorship - March 26, 2008

I believe we are always -7

If you are trying to set it in wordpress, I think it let’s you see the time when you punch in different numbers 🙂

2. Indian Lake Papa - March 26, 2008

We must be -4 then? (est)! Ii think they should just leave it alone! :o) Thanks for stopping by today!

3. hislifeformine - March 26, 2008

B – thanks for the clarification. I makes me crazy!

Papa – I agree! I was glad to visit, I enjoy your posts. Thank you for the return. 🙂

4. hislifeformine - March 26, 2008

Hahahaha….okay “I” do makes me crazy, but this time it is supposed to say “it”. 😕

5. tawny - March 26, 2008

Now that is funny 🙂

6. hislifeformine - March 27, 2008

Glad to bring a smile to your face Tawny. Let me know anytime you need another 😀

7. tawny - March 27, 2008

It won’t be nearly as much fun if you do it on purpose! 🙂 Hey, have a good weekend!

8. hislifeformine - March 27, 2008

Well if you change your mind…

9. blessed1 - April 2, 2008

I can’t figure it all out either and it’s April! LOL!

10. tawny - April 2, 2008

Hey, where are ya? Working or something? 🙂

11. hislifeformine - April 3, 2008

B1 – isn’t it crazy! It’s nice to have friends 😉

12. hislifeformine - April 3, 2008

T – oh my….working…college daughter home for a week…two grandkids for the weekend…

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