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Whew… April 3, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in Family, Fits & Giggles, Random.
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What a week! Our college daughter (Katie) came home for 1 week, that was fun! And in that time we went and picked up two of our grandkids… we met them in B King about 1 hour up I5. Well Katie and Amanda went with me (18yo youngest daughter lives here in town)…yes we are empty nesters. But I digress. We are in B King getting a bite, I turn away when Amanda is ordering to get my soda…realize I need to stay to pay…turn back and comment on it…and the man behind the counter said to Amanda, “Did you see that? She looked just like Drew Barrymore! Oh. my. word. Amanda was speechless. πŸ˜• I said “When I was younger I looked like someone older (Bette Davis) and now that I’m older I look like someone younger. Gotta love that!” When we got outside the laughter began. Amanda to Katie, “Katie, did you see that? That guy was totally hitting on mom!” Hysterical laughter ensues…what a riot! We had fun on the way home with that.

The burning question. When, oh when did Drew have surgery to take my face? πŸ˜†



1. Katie - April 3, 2008

that was an akward situation. its weird when random guys hit on your mom.

2. hislifeformine - April 4, 2008


3. Robin - April 4, 2008

Just wanted to stop by and say hello – it seems we frequently take turns on Tam’s Fill in Fridays πŸ™‚

Its fun to be silly and make up crazy stories πŸ™‚

Hope you had a good time with Katie!

4. hislifeformine - April 4, 2008

Hi Robin!! Thank you for coming by, I do enjoy the FIF – we must just be up and around the same time of the night. πŸ˜‰

I did have fun with Katie, it is always nice when she comes home for a visit.

5. Robin - April 5, 2008

My husband works late and isn’t home until 1am, so I’m usually on the computer late.

Have a terrific weekend!

6. hislifeformine - April 5, 2008

Thanks Robin. You too. I’ll be seein’ ya!

7. justlovehim - April 10, 2008

lol! That would have made me feel good! :0)

8. hislifeformine - April 10, 2008

Justlove – Thank you for dropping in! I confess, it did make me feel good πŸ˜€ , because she’s got a wonderful smile. When I think of her I picture her in the movie 50 First Dates.

9. thiswildlifeofmine - April 16, 2008

haha do you remember that one time when Katie and I were pretty young and we went to Lows or something and the guy there asked you out on a date?? I remember.. because its a big thing when a guy tries to hit on your married mother. πŸ™‚ Anyway … The guy at burger king first made sure you were my mom and then said that you look just like drew berrymore..

10. hislifeformine - April 16, 2008

LOL, no I had forgotten about that.

Oh, so you’re telling me that I’m not looking as young as I thought? hahahaha

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