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NMFAPIMWLC week 1 done May 19, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in NMFAPIMWLC.
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My journey started here. This is where I am now. Here is where it really all began and here. A brief rundown of how it all works can be found here.

I have progressed. I did really well with the stepper, and I use 2 lb weights when I’m on it. I do a torso twist and make sure my arms cross my chest. I’m seeing a tummy dent, nary a pound but a tummy dent is even better!

So, my goal this week is to have added 1 more minute consistently. For some reason my water intake has not been what it should be so I’m going to make sure to get it back up to 8 glasses/day. Especially important with the weather we are having. Gosh who was it that said cranberry juice. I’ve got to get me some, I love it! I’ll have some with my morning oatmeal…well maybe before. πŸ˜‰

Welcome Theresa, Lynn, Darla and Natalie (applause here) to the group. I’ve added them to our roll below.






1. Chuck Whiteley (Totoholic) - May 20, 2008

I am very close to joining this thing as well. Peer pressure helps. I just love to eat so much I don’t know if I have the will power. πŸ™‚

2. Heidi - May 20, 2008

You are doing awesome girlfriend!!! πŸ™‚

3. hislifeformine - May 20, 2008

Me too, I love to eat and love to cook good food. I’m still eating, just watching my portions. What is making the huge difference for me is exercising. Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t do much for my posture, let alone anything else.
Climb on board, it’s all about encouragement, where you are. No preset conditions.Don’t let this guy pressure you! Well too much…it’s good to have bloggy encouragement.

4. hislifeformine - May 20, 2008

Heidi – thank you. I added you to the list (applause) we’re here for you!

5. tawny - May 20, 2008

Are you going to take Theressa off????????

InWorship…..that is a hint! πŸ˜‰

6. hislifeformine - May 20, 2008

Nope. :LOL: I know who I am and there is another Theresa so it works for me. πŸ˜‰

7. tawny - May 20, 2008

So, we have two Theresas and a Theressa, who is really one of the Theresas. πŸ™‚

8. hislifeformine - May 20, 2008

Well now that you put it that way… but only on his list πŸ™‚

9. Tawny - May 20, 2008

LOL That will work πŸ™‚

10. cathi stegall - May 20, 2008

good heavens! I now feel guilty for my panera run.
But feel a little better now that I added “run” to the first sentence instead of “splurge”…thank you Jesus for the delete button!

11. hislifeformine - May 20, 2008

No guilt allowed. “Run” hmmmm I like the sound of that. Woohoo! (oh, not in real life of course…running and I don’t get along).

12. Lynn - May 20, 2008

Wow I thought this went through last night but I guess not. I am trying to lose 30 + pounds by the end of September, so I am in for exercise and eating right if that’s what this is about.

13. bransblahg - May 20, 2008

MMMMM…..cranberry juice. YUM!

You did good with the excercise this week! YEAH! And a tummy dent….I am sooo jealous. πŸ˜‰

14. hislifeformine - May 20, 2008

I am so surprised! Thanks Bran, and I still have to go get that juice. πŸ™‚

15. Natalie Witcher - May 21, 2008

ok…add me…gerr

16. hislifeformine - May 21, 2008

Ooohhhhh Nat. Hey can I call you that? Welcome aboard! There’s nothing like hanging out with friends to make it a bit easier. We are here to encourage.

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