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I AM lesson 5 May 27, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in Bible, Faith, Feelings, God, I AM...so you don't have to be, Love, Prayer, Testimony, Thoughts.
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1. Have you ever found yourself ‘in faith’ yet bewildered or demoralized?

Yes. In my experience, I have felt bewildered or demoralized in one area only to find that it was really only where my bewilderment was being manifested. I am close to those people, and have more interaction with them so it just came out there. Giving completely over to God and whatever He chooses, to be completely open and vulnerable exposed the truth.

2. Do you consider yourself content? Would you describe it as Decidedly Content or Dreamily Content?
Can it be both? It started out as Decidedly Content, but the longer it lasts the more it turns into Dreamily Content. Trusting that no matter how long it takes, or even if it doesn’t happen – I’m okay with it. Because I am in His will and that is good enough. He is enough.

3. If you are not content, are there circumstances that keep you from this feeling?
I am content, also I have to be careful to not let circumstances lure me into discontent – it can so easily happen.

4. Have you ever found yourself in a place where you looked back on a period of your Christian walk and believed a great opportunity passed you by?
I must catch myself here because when I think great opportunity I think “great” in the big sense, our human sense anyway. I can think of a few in my humanness – if I would have sung that song better then I would be doing “this”.
But really – the great opportunity, to speak the truth to someone who has not heard it. To share in love, with the Spirit leading – that is the missed great opportunity. And yes, I have missed it.

5. Do you ever believe your faith was stronger in an earlier time in your Christianity and find yourself floundering now?
No. I believe I am growing stronger every day.

6. Can you recognize that this season may be one of great preparation instead of a period of “I Was”?
Yes. That is taking the focus off of me and turning it to Christ. This longing I have, maybe it is just a bit misguided and He is leading me slowly to what He wants. The longing gradually changing…fading to a longing but a longing for “what” I do not know. It is there nonetheless and I so want to do, long to do big things for Him. Whatever, whenever, however He chooses. Nothing is impossible! All things are possible, through Christ.


1. Deborah - May 27, 2008

“That is taking the focus off of me and turning it to Christ.” Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Why is this so hard it’s so rewarding when its done??? I love what you have to say here….great stuff!! Love you!

2. cathi stegall - May 27, 2008

“If you are not content, are there circumstances that keep you from this feeling?”
Good heavens, does this punch me in the back of the neck or what?!?!
I never thought of my house sitting on me as a form of discontentment, but I see that so clearly now.
It’s time to learn contentment no matter the weight or discomfort of this house.
thank you.

3. hislifeformine - May 27, 2008

Deb – it is rewarding isn’t it. It’s good to see you. Love you!

Cathi – I love those AHA! moments. Praying for you.

4. Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife - May 31, 2008

what a precious bunch of girls you are.

ilove your response to #4…

those missed opportunities of sharing the gospel are huge. i’ve grieved many that i realize God was impressing upon me to speak out in His name and for whatever reason – I didn’t.

5. hislifeformine - June 1, 2008

Lisa – finally realizing and stepping out, oh my…and it is hard, at first. Isn’t God just so faithful though, to be right there. And over time it gets easier and easier. For that I am eternally grateful.

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