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I’m a bit scarce here. (Title edited from scare). June 27, 2008

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Sorry for the no show going on. My friend is recovering remarkable well from her accident. I am going out of town in a couple of hours and will be out of pc range for the weekend. My sister and I time team roping events, there is a series of 4 this summer we will be doing, the first of which starts tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Prayer Request June 24, 2008

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My good friend Sally Long (known 40 years) was in a work accident on Saturday. She fell 35 feet. She has a broken pelvis on the right side, 2 broken ribs on the right side, 12 broken ribs on the left side (some multiple breaks), a broken clavicle and scapula on the left (collar bone and shoulder blade). Her left lung is a little bruised as well. They thought she might have a small bruise on her liver, they don’t think so but are watching it. Sally has those little plastic things to breath in and out of to exercise her lungs and keep them open. She improved from 500 to 700 but needs to be at 1500. That means deep inhalations, and I don’t know how she can do that will all those ribs broken. Also last night she was still on oxygen, she would love to have that taken away.. She (and we) is so grateful that she does not have any neck or back injuries.
Please pray for a speedy and full recovery for her. Sally is one of the most active people I know and this is going to be hard on her.

Tis the season for weddings. June 21, 2008

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Miriam and Doug got married. Miriam calls me her second mom. 🙂 I like that alot! We’ve known her and her family for about 8 years, we met in Tae Kwon Do. I was so honored my daughter Amanda was a maid of honor today and she asked me to fix her hair and one of the bridesmaids. Both updos, similar but not quite the same. Also to bring my makeup bag! Let me tell you I was a little nervous – the hair in pictures! EEK!! And of course their makeup was beautiful, soft and enhancing their gorgeous selves. As nervous as I was it was also exciting 😀 So I guess now I can say I have my first wedding under my belt.

Laughing at myself? June 20, 2008

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“When a woman can laugh at herself, she gives freedom to other women to do the same. It takes a confident and secure woman to laugh at herself. A woman who doesn’t live in fear of being “discovered” or “found out” or even “thought less” of—a woman who isn’t trying so hard to hold it all together (or still pretending that she can) –these are the women I love being around.”
~Nicole Johnson

This is a big deal for me. It was hard for a long time, and heaven forbid anyone laugh at me. Because of course that meant I had done something wrong. And I can’t do anything wrong…I mean not that I can’t because I do, but no one else is supposed to see. I can correct it before they find out. It must be done right. Doesn’t that sound awful? I lived like that most of my life, a perfectionist. An in the dark or unaware that was what was going on with me, but none the less a perfectionist.

Bondage…that is what that was. I can laugh at myself now, thank the Lord for that. And it feels good to have that freedom. Nicole is so right in that quote…it gives freedom to the other women, laughing with me and at me, because by golly it must truly be funny. I am not perfect, I can’t hold it all together and life is so much more fun, better when I don’t try for the unattainable. That is how relationships are formed. If I can’t laugh at myself, then how can my “friends” laugh? If I can’t laugh at myself how can I be real and expect to have real relationships? How can I expect to “go deep”? We are all called to “go deep” because we are all one body.

Is not laughter beautiful music? Laughter is good for the soul, and mine went way to long without it.

How about you? Can you laugh at yourself?

What I’m reading. June 17, 2008

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The Barbarian Way – Erwin McManus.
Same Kind of Different as Me – Ron Hall & Denver Moore
The Ragamuffin Gospel – Brennan Manning
A Proper Pursuit – Lynn Austin

I have stairs and a view! June 16, 2008

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Ok, unless you’re in the NMFAPIMWLC you probably don’t care about the stairs. 24 steps and I’m going to use them every day…no elevator for me. 😀 But everybody’s got to love this view from my new second story office!
View from my 2nd floor office

For the last 2 1/2 years I’ve been in an office 10×12 with no windows and not much people interaction. What more can I ask for? I’ve got a view, stairs to keep me moving, people to visit with. Thank you Lord!