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What I’m reading. June 17, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in Random.
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The Barbarian Way – Erwin McManus.
Same Kind of Different as Me – Ron Hall & Denver Moore
The Ragamuffin Gospel – Brennan Manning
A Proper Pursuit – Lynn Austin



1. Katie - June 17, 2008

you’re reading those all at the same time?? i wouldnt be able to keep story lines straight.

2. HisLifeformine - June 17, 2008

Yes, I don’t always read a bunch at once. Usually one grabs me and I’ll read it until I’m done. Sometimes though. They are all really different.

3. cathi stegall - June 17, 2008

is this your first of McMannus? He’s one of my all time FAVORITEs!!!!

4. HisLifeformine - June 18, 2008

Yes it is. And I love it! He’s speakin’ my language. I’ll be reading more of his books for sure.

5. Robin - June 20, 2008

Sounds great I love reading lists and I always read multiple books at the same time…guess I should get back to the couch and read some more…doctor’s orders… I can sit up for a while, but not too long… Keep praying…

6. cathi stegall - June 20, 2008

oh yes!!! Every one of his books is highlighted and underlined to the max! I love how he makes you re-think what you’ve been thinking all along just b/c you thought that’s the way you should be thinking but the thinking had no thought in the first place!
Ohhhh, I heart Erwin!

7. cathi stegall - June 20, 2008

oh…had to include my fav quote from his book, Uprising:
“The furnace of our passions is our character, and while evil character burns hot for destructive passions that consume and destroy, the character of God ignites passion for what is good and true. Our quest is to have God’s character formed in us so that His passions might burn in us.”

here’s my post on this quote from ions ago: http://cathistegall.com/2007/07/20/mixed-passions/

8. HisLifeformine - June 21, 2008

Hi Robin, reading is good. You can even do it laying down, of course your arms will get a wee bit tired. Hey could someone bring you audio books? I’m praying for you, the baby and the rest of the family.

9. HisLifeformine - June 21, 2008

Cathi I love your enthusiasm. That quote is the bomb. Do you have many colors of highlighters? I do…depends on the mood or some colors mean something different to me universally. Make sense? Here I go off to see your post on the quote…

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