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Prayer Request June 24, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in Faith, Family, Friends, God, Love, Prayer.
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My good friend Sally Long (known 40 years) was in a work accident on Saturday. She fell 35 feet. She has a broken pelvis on the right side, 2 broken ribs on the right side, 12 broken ribs on the left side (some multiple breaks), a broken clavicle and scapula on the left (collar bone and shoulder blade). Her left lung is a little bruised as well. They thought she might have a small bruise on her liver, they don’t think so but are watching it. Sally has those little plastic things to breath in and out of to exercise her lungs and keep them open. She improved from 500 to 700 but needs to be at 1500. That means deep inhalations, and I don’t know how she can do that will all those ribs broken. Also last night she was still on oxygen, she would love to have that taken away.. She (and we) is so grateful that she does not have any neck or back injuries.
Please pray for a speedy and full recovery for her. Sally is one of the most active people I know and this is going to be hard on her.



1. Theresa - June 24, 2008

Sally is in my prayers for a fast healing. Sounds awfully painful.

2. HisLifeformine - June 24, 2008

Thank you Theresa.

3. tawny - June 24, 2008

I am praying too. Hey thanks for doing the w/m blog.

4. Heidi - June 25, 2008

I will add her to my prayer list, and I know with You being such a wonderful friend you’ll encourage her and she’ll be up around in no time!!!

5. Julene - June 26, 2008

How VERY awful! I am praying for her, thanks for giving me the opportunity to do that:)

6. HisLifeformine - June 27, 2008

Ladies thank you so much for your prayers. She is recuperating remarkably well.

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