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I’m a bit scarce here. (Title edited from scare). June 27, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in Random.

Sorry for the no show going on. My friend is recovering remarkable well from her accident. I am going out of town in a couple of hours and will be out of pc range for the weekend. My sister and I time team roping events, there is a series of 4 this summer we will be doing, the first of which starts tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend!



1. Theresa - June 27, 2008

Have a great weekend. My boss is a team roper! He just got back from the rodeo in Reno. Enjoy yourself!!!

2. HisLifeformine - June 30, 2008

What a small world! It was a hot weekend for team roping I’m tellin’ ya. Open arena.

3. Faith - July 4, 2008

Glad your friend is doing well. I’ve never heard of team roping. Interesting! Hope you had a good trip!

4. HisLifeformine - July 6, 2008

Hi Faith. Yes Sally is doing remarkably well. It was a good trip. I’ll be going back next weekend for another event so the blog world won’t be seeing me much still. 😦
Hope your 4th was a good one.

5. cathi stegall - July 8, 2008

you’re missed. missed. missed.

6. Theresa - July 10, 2008

Ok lady…i am missing you….I am going on a hunger strike until you come back. Not really….I just wanted to see if you are reading your comments or not. I have lost 27 pounds!!!!

Love Ya Hope you are having fun at all the rodeos.

7. darla - July 11, 2008

hey I missed seeing you in Oregon…but I understand. Hope you post something soon…starting to think you abandoned us.. pwease!?!

8. 1godsgal - July 12, 2008

Teresa! Hope all is going well with you and that you find time to come back soon!!! Love ya!

9. Selena - July 12, 2008

Hope all is well with you! πŸ™‚

10. HisLifeformine - July 13, 2008

Cathi, Theresa, Darla, Deb, Selena bless your hearts! Thank you so much for all the warm fuzzies. I haven’t even hardly looked at a computer in 3 weeks. I do think about you all often πŸ˜€

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