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Love… August 11, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in Bible, Faith, Feelings, God, Love.
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Can you describe the love of God?


Furious? What? To love with an unending love, unrelenting in it’s ferocity. That is the love God has for us. That is the love he desires us to have for HIm. And for each other.

Do I love my Lord with passion? Furiously, wanting no other. Knowing that the Lord is all I need. Believing it with every fiber of my being. Walking that love out. Do I love others with the compassionate love of Christ?

There can be no moderate love, it must be all out. Letting the love, the light and truth that is Jesus explode out of us.

I have come far…but I have so far yet to go. He is there with me every step of the way, loving me, looking at me as a father looks at his child. A child who has chosen to run to her father and throw herself into his lap, into his arms. To spend time there with Him, trusting Him.

The love Jesus gives is all encompassing, accepting of all. There is not one He does not love, not one He does not long for. He is asking you today to run to Him, to seek Him above all else. Let Christ make His home in your heart.

Jesus loves us, Jesus loves you, intensely, furiously, holding nothing back. Love Him today. Like today is all there is, this moment, this present time. As it indeed may be.



1. bradruggles - August 12, 2008

Furious is a great word to describe God’s love for us! It’s what I so desperately want my love for Him to be, but sadly, many times it’s not. I’m so thankful that God’s love for us is complete, all-consuming and unconditional!

2. HisLifeformine - August 12, 2008

“I’m so thankful that God’s love for us is complete, all-consuming and unconditional!

Me too Brad, I fall short many times. Praise the Lord, our God is bigger! Thank you for coming by and sharing.

3. cathi stegall - August 14, 2008

ferocious…it helps to have this radical love that encompasses all other loves…IT’S FIERCE!!! Dear Jesus, let me love you back with this kind of love!

4. alece - August 15, 2008

the thought of his love for me as furious and ferocious is mind-blowing and incomprehensible.

thank you.

5. HisLifeformine - August 16, 2008

@Cathi and @Alece – it is so good to see what these different aspects of His love mean to each of us. Thank you for sharing.

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