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Home again September 7, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in Family, Random.
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Yep. Home from roping. Timing team roping is hard work! Long days and high intensity. This was the last roping of the series for the year. My sister and I love it though. We get to spend long weekends together. We are exhausted now. I’m going to bed early tonight, because work calls me in the morning. 🙂

As a little treat after the weekend, my sister and I stopped by the store on the way home. Spent some of my hard earned cash on a couple of new blouses. Yay! They were much needed.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!



1. Theresa - September 7, 2008

Glad you had a great time. I hear it is hard work. I enjoy hearing about it from my boss who is a header and a healer. He is just a gruff ole cowboy but he cracks me up!!

Have a great week!!!

2. HisLifeformine - September 8, 2008

You’re in the know pretty good then. Your boss works hard if he’s double ended. Good for him, it’s fun to watch when they switch ends because they have to rope differently. Not too many are double ended.

Have a fab week!

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