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The Dress October 31, 2008

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Here it is. The Dress! Katie helped me and I’m sure glad she did. It was quite a project, but fun! That last photo is so bright but I love the way she is standing. And I LOVE THAT YOUNG LADY!


John Piper book October 30, 2008

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Do you want to be in the running for a wonderful book from John Piper? Go here to enter (gotta go before Nov. 7).

I’m going to vote as if I’m not October 29, 2008

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Seeking the Lord and what He wants me to do. Leaving the rest to Him, knowing that God already knows the outcome and is in control. His will is going to be done.

Does that remove the responsibility from me to go out and vote? No. Am I going to get all twitterpated and let it rule my life? No. I love my country and am proud to be an American. So honored and privileged to vote. I am going to do my duty and rest in God.

 John Piper said it so well. Go here now to read it. Putting the elections into perspective. Thank you Lisa for pointing me to such a well written piece.

Worshipping Together October 26, 2008

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Thank you so much Darla for inviting us to join in worship. Darla has 3 music clips on her post. I snagged the one that spoke to my heart today. So what I needed, to fling my arms wide, to praise my Savior will all that I am. So blessed to join in with my blogging friends.

I AM lesson 9 October 20, 2008

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1. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on how often your conversation is seasoned with the works of the Lord on your behalf? If you speak very little of Him, is there a reason you know of? If you speak often, how do people respond?
I’d say 7 anyway. It really varies, some people I know are going to roll their eyes, so it is a balancing act of speaking my heart, letting them know that it really is the Lord guiding me to do something versus my flesh not wanting me too. A lot of the people though know and acknowledge the work of the Lord in their own lives so it can easily turn into a time of praise.

2. Have you experienced a Set Up for a Show Up when you were uncertain whether the situation was the chastisement of the Lord or a temptation of Satan?

3. Have you ever or are you now experiencing any Job trials where you can still not identify any wrong-doing on your part?
I have experienced trials where it took me awhile to identify my wrong-doing, but I have..
4. Apply this principle: How can my response make my God famous? Will obedience result in my sanctification and God’s Glory?
By telling people it isn’t bad luck, that God is in control, that He loves me and He has been through it all too. He feels and knows my pain. He lifts my head. Walking it out. And yes, obedience will result in my sanctification and God’s glory. Praise Him!!

5. Does the origin of our affliction matter in view of the fame God can gain from it?
I don’t think so. It is how we handle the affliction that matters.We are either going to honor God or we are not, there is no in-between.

Coffee October 14, 2008

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I love coffee. Plain coffee, coffee with flavored creamers, espresso, blended, iced. You name it I probably like it. I ran out of coffee filters this morning and had to have a pot of coffee so I improvised. Come on, admit it, you have too. I used a napkin, unfolded trimmed to fit. (Should have used a paper towel – what was I thinking?). So now there is a pot of coffee all over my kitchen counter. Ugh! I cleaned it all up, and you know I still had to have that pot of coffee. So this time I used the paper towel…success!

I’m sitting here with my computer, my coffee, my girls, WII, Twitter. What more could I ask for? Oh yeah, at some point today we’ll make trip to Bimart to pick up 3 boxes of coffee filters. They fit in my cupboard nicely and I shouldn’t have to worry about making any more messes for the next 4 months or so. Well…