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The Dress October 31, 2008

Posted by Theresa Madden in Family, Love.
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Here it is. The Dress! Katie helped me and I’m sure glad she did. It was quite a project, but fun! That last photo is so bright but I love the way she is standing. And I LOVE THAT YOUNG LADY!



1. Theresa - October 31, 2008

Oh Theresa It is absolutely gorgeous!! I think you did a wonderful job. It has wonderful lines!

Totally worth the wait to see!

BTW… I love you new hair style. You look Great!!!!!

2. darla - November 1, 2008

love the dress!! love the new avatar.. pretty..both!

3. HisLifeformine - November 3, 2008

Theresa and Darla, thank you both sooooo much. It was a wonderful time this last week making the dress with Katie. It was pure joy when we sat down together to pin, cut, sew, (read directions – make itty bitty sample of top flounce because it wasn’t looking right), laugh (at me making the itty bitty sample – Katie saying she’d be doing the same thing), rip out and resew. Thankfully we only had to do that once.
And thank you for the love on the new do!

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