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Blacklight Special December 27, 2008

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My bloggy friends son is in this presentation. A.MA.ZING!!!

I AM lesson 10 December 15, 2008

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1. Have you ever experienced trials that were best dealt with “in the family” for either your reputation’s sake or God’s? You may still choose to leave them there, but you are welcome to share if you are comfortable.
2. Have you ever found yourself in a bizarre circumstance and later were able to walk someone through the same/similar situation? Did you recognize the hand of God in it?
My mind draws a blank here. I have been in bizarre circumstances and I know that one day God will use it,  just not yet that I’m aware of or can bring to mind.
3. I was in my late twenties before I ever let myself believe God was for me instead of waiting to smack me upside the head every time I made a mistake. Do you truly believe God is on your side?
Absolutely! I let me get in the way a lot of the time, but I trust that God truly is for me.
4. If God has ever had you in the Holy Spirit Chokehold (and who hasn’t He?), how have you reacted to God’s chastisement? Were you bitter? Brokenhearted? Grateful?
Oh yeah. I think I have gone through all the stages at one time or another. Bitter and brokenhearted for removal from a situation, then brokenhearted that I was bitter for being removed, brokenhearted that God had to put me in the “Holy Spirit Chokehold”. And grateful, so grateful that He loves me enough to do that.
5. Write a brief prayer of Thanksgiving for God’s longsuffering.
Father God, I love you so much and am so grateful for your patience – your longsuffering. Some lessons I must learn time and again before they really sink in, before Your Truth really resides in me. You endure so much for me, have endured so much for me. Forgive me for my stubbornness, help me Lord to hear You, to obey You the first time. For Your glory, Your kingdom. In Jesus name, amen.

Samuel’s Ear December 11, 2008

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Oh give me Samuel’s ear
An open ear O Lord
Alive and quick to hear
Each whisper of Thy word
Like him to answer to Thy call
And to obey Thee
First of all.

I heard Bill Hybel’s quote this a couple of weeks ago on lifechurch.tv. I do not know who originally said it, Bill memorized it as a little boy. And it resonates within me. So much so that I had to listen again and I had to write it down. Now it resides on my desk at work, in my phone, on my pc.
Most of all I want it to reside in my heart and mind.
Do you have a quote or prayer that has touched a chord in you? Will you share?