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Color February 20, 2009

Posted by Theresa Madden in Faith, God, Thoughts.

Yep, I finally have a little color going on for the blog.  Not quite as bright as I’d like it to be but what a change! I have always (I think) had my blog be mostly white. I’m ready for some color. It’s quite likely before the weekend is out I will have changed to the bright pink! I’ll just have to have the narrow columns, oh well.

Which brings me to:

My life. Is my life all it could be for the the Kingdom? What kind of color am I? Bright and vibrant or pale and dull? A color that draws people – lifting their spirits? Or a color that puts people off? Was I bright at one point and now fading?

How am I to change? Paint? Is that even possible? Ahhhh, now ‘variety’ could be considered paint. So also could ‘change’. Do I need to throw some color in there by the way of variety and/or change? Getting out of the ‘comfortable’ or should I say ‘rut’.

Variety and/or change:
In what I read.
In who I see.
In what I say.
In where I go.
In what I think.
In what I see.
In what I listen to.

It does take courage to step out, to go where I feel the Lord leading me. Just before the new year I made a change. And when I didn’t have the courage, in my weakness – the Lord was strong.
2 Cor. 12:9 (NIV) Jesus said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”.

And faithful – oh my yes. He is so very faithful. My small step has turned into 3 steps. I have seen and felt the Lords blessing on my life in being obedient to Him. I am excited and looking forward to what He is doing. Big things. I serve a BIG GOD who does BIG things. He WILL be exalted, He WILL be glorified, it is all for HIM.

Seasons change, colors change. Regardless of the season the colors can be bright and vibrant. The colors come from the inside, reflecting on the outside. No matter the circumstance we find ourselves in, we can be a bright and vibrant light.  Every breath, every beat of heart, for you my King.



1. Chuck Whiteley - February 20, 2009

Right on Sister! Good words to live by. Keep serving Jesus!

2. Theresa - February 20, 2009

I love the color. I seem to remember you being light blue when I very first started reading you.

I think it is important to freshen our colors. The Lord makes them all so pretty how can we not want to wear them all at one time or another? I must say also though that I love the fact that you are consistant. You are open to change, modern, truthful a great lover of our savior but when all is said and done you are Theresa. A mom, wife, friend, prayer warrior and most importantly a child of God. Keep changing your clothes! It makes you fun to look at and watch….Keeps you interesting!! But remember some of us love what is just known as His Life For Mine, Awesome View from your office, glad your girls are home, sushi loving, rodeo timing scorekeeper, always encouraging Theresa.

Thanks for who you are…You provide me with laughter and prayers, Love you as a sister!!

3. Mike - March 3, 2009

First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

You Must Learn To Break The Fear Of Having Another Panic Attack Or You Will Never Experience Complete Freedom From Anxiety

4. darla - April 2, 2009

love what you’ve done with your blog, i like the color its vibrant yet easy on the eyes! 😉

I agree we have a BIG GOD! and with every step we take in obedience HIS rewards and blessings are just breath taking! HIS grace IS sufficient for us! love you sista, haven’t seen you for a while..it was very good to see you on my blog!

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